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Demos are available in two formats for your convenenience.

See how fast you can run a test!

(Video Length - 2min: 16sec)

How to set up a file to be uploaded for testing.

1. Written instructions are on the "Upload Employee Data" page.
2. Many Payroll companies will set the file up for you! See our Payroll Firms page for details. (4min: 16sec)

3 ways to pick HCEs.

1. The system will automatically choose HCEs based on the 'look-back year'.
2. Default-coding HCEs on the 'employee setup' page.
3. Drag & drop employees during the test:
You'll love the drag-n-drop feature! (1min: 44sec)

Setting up Plan features.

1. Set the age limit; and the service limit based on hours, time, or both.
2. Easily change the limits to test permitted disparity.
(2min: 19sec)

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