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401kTest.com is a Great Return on Your Investment!

401ktest.com is highly recommended for companies with 100 employees or less. The testing process works for larger companies, but some features (like the option to drag and drop employees from one category to another) become slow if there are more than 150 employees in your data file. We plan to launch a solution for large companies very soon.

A subscription to 401ktest.com also gives you access to reference tables, education materials, plan testing techniques, acronyms and 401k terminology.

When you find out how user-friendly and fast this service is, you'll ask yourself the same question everyone does:
"Why is the price so low?".

The answer is simple. We want this service to be affordable enough for everyone who needs it.

We also allow some (CPC & CPI) advertizing on the site to help keep subscription costs down.

Would you like help running your first test?
    Send us your payroll data and we'll run your first test for an additional $150.00.
About 3% of our customers ask for help with thier first test, including plan sponsors, TPAs, and college students. We are happy to be of service!
Even though everything is automated, you may find it helpful to have your first test performed by a professional. Just send us your payroll data. We'll configure it properly, upload it to your file, run your test, then send you the results - along with the reconfigured payroll data.
  • Just call us to make arrangements. We'll process your payment over the phone, then talk with you about how to confidentially get your payroll data to us. Our fee for this service is $150. The cost may be higher if Payroll data is not in an electronic format - We prefer tab delimited text files.
  • On-site help. An associate will work with you at your office for up to 90 minutes. We charge $400 (plus travel expenses) for this service.
  • Our demonstration qualifies for one hour of Continuing Professional Education credits in most states.

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