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Online Testing that's Fast, Accurate, & Affordable!


What's a TPA?

Save time and eliminate configuration errors!

Prevent administrative nightmares at year-end.

Check officers' w/h before the end of the year.

Our online testing site is a great investment!

Safe-Harbor Plans:
Find out what would happen if you dropped your Safe Harbor provisions.
Also: See our FAQ page for alternative matching and profit-sharing ideas!

403b Plans:
401ktest.com performs the ADP/ACP tests quickly and accurately!

Development History of 401ktest.com
Click here to see who we are, where we came from, and why we are here.

Failing the Year-End ACP/ACP test is Expensive!

  • Up to $1,000 to re-test the plan; especially if you have to use grouping or cross-testing to pass.
  • $150 to $1,000 for each affected HCE to amend their tax returns and pay taxes on any refunds received, or
  • 3% of annual wages to provide a Non-Elective Contribution.
  • Plus company time and expense to deal with the problem.
Interim testing helps you avoid these problems and/or minimize their impact.

Test your plan as often as you want. We made it easy, fast, & affordable!

Interim testing can help make sure your officers are withholding as much as possible without going over the limit!
  • Securely upload your payroll data to 401ktest.com.
  • Go to "Edit Company" and answer 2 questions about time limits & age limits for plan participation.
  • Click “Current Year Test” and get your results almost instantly! You can also test using the Prior Year Method. You just need to upload prior-year payroll information also.
The database will securely store 10 years of Payroll data. IE: You can run the ADP/ACP tests for almost any year you want!

401ktest.com is the most affordable interim testing solution on the web.

No one else even comes close!
We priced 401ktest.com so it would be affordable to everyone who needs it. Whether you have 2 employees or 100, 401ktest will make the interim testing process simple, systematic, and affordable!

Automated testing is important because it eliminates formula and spreadsheet errors.
If you use 401ktest.com to perform your ADP/ACP test, you'll never have to waste time configuring spreadsheets. You can run a test in seconds!

Payroll data can be directly uploaded in seconds.
Our instructions walk you thru the process. We even provide a sample file for your reference.
Many Payroll firms have created a file that can be directly uploaded to 401ktest.com, which makes testing even faster!


401ktest can help you quickly run the ADP/ACP test yourself*. You can also securely transmit data to your Pension Administrator. Just upload your payroll data, and give them your UserId.


Don't waste time re-configuring spreadsheets and formulas to accommodate each client. This site will do the work for you.
In the event of a test failure, you can download the details into Excel to calculate a QNEC or a refund; or perform additional testing. The Permissive Disaggregated test can be performed easily by either changing the plan's eligability options, or using the "drag and drop" feature during the testing process.

Payroll Processing Firms:

Use 401ktest.com to provide a very valuable service to your clients. Some firms offer this test 4 times a year; others only offer it once a year. With our help, you could offer the ADP/ACP test to your clients every time they run payroll; especially during the 4th quarter when test results are one bonus away from changing radically!

    Some clients perform the tests on their draft payroll run, then make adjustments if necessary.

*Test results (like those of any testing service) should be reviewed by a professional. Initial test results need not be the final conclusion. There are many creative ways to configure your payroll data, depending on provisions outlined in your plan document. Testing options can also depend on the following:
  • How good is your Plan Administrator?
  • How much should the company spend to find an optimum test result?
    We are providing this service to help bring down the high cost of discrimination testing. However; it is difficult to over-emphasis the value of a competent Pension Administrator.
    Companies may choose to run interim tests in-house, then have a professional perform the year-end tests.

    401ktest.com can help lower HCE refunds from $1,000s to $10s, mitigating the inconvenience at tax time.

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